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  • Do you need a dressing room?
    A dressing room is an absolute necessity. We need running water, good lighting and a mirror in a non-smoking area. Safety is our number one priority, our performers need to be able to change clothes and our large installations should be safe when left unattended. Are you comfortable leaving your laptop in the dressing room or walking around naked? Then that’s good enough for us! We don’t mind sharing a dressing room with other performers, the more the merrier! However, the dressing room should not be accessible for the crowd or serve as a smoking corner for the crew.
  • Should we provide food and drinks?
    Usually in the world of performance, it’s common for food and drinks to be provided during dinner time. If your venue doesn’t provide this we can bring our own and reflect it on our invoice. Almost all of our performers are vegetarians and the ones who aren’t eat veggie too ;). We’ll be performing all summer long so if every festival thinks we’ll be fine with some fries or one sandwich, we’ll struggle to get through the season. We have no problem buying tokens, we can add it to the invoice. Our performers need to stay hydrated during the performances. We take breaks when we feel it’s necessary for our performers or the crowd and we always need to have drinks on hand when we do.
  • How much should we budget for transportation costs?
    Travel is €0,30 per km. For car journeys that are longer than 4 hours we have an hourly rate. Alternatively, you can provide an overnight stay along the way so we can safely continue our journey the next day.
  • We’ll give you a wristband for our festival!
    Great! Please bear in mind that we are artists not crew. We don’t mean this in a ‘please give us champagne and a jacuzzi’ kind of way, we simply need an artist wristband out of necessity. We usually carry items such as scissors, possibly alcohol (depending on the performance), glasses and sweets. It would be great if you could add us to your artist list beforehand so we don’t get into trouble with security :)
  • Our venue is not easily accessible, what should we do?"
    We can usually find a solution. Please let us know in advance if there are any stairs or other things that make access more challenging. We do need to be able to park our car, preferably close to the venue due to the large installations and props we need to carry. If your parking space is far, perhaps we’ll need assistance with carrying our props.
  • We’d like you to perform multiple days!
    Great, we’d love to! We’re more than happy to bring a tent and sleep on the festival grounds. However, we’re not buying tickets to come and work at your festival. That would be...odd.
  • I want to book the jellyfish girls!
    Thanks, we love our jellies too! We try to keep a 50/50 ratio of male and female performers and we do not take requests based on gender. We love all our Jessyfish performers and so will you. We are not jellyfish girls, we are Jessyfish.
  • So you do space holding but ehm….what is that?
    Space refers to the immediate environment you share with others. This can be physical in the sense that you are in the same room but it also refers to the emotional environment you are in. As performers we aim to create a space of comfort, compassion and safety for the crowd. We create a space for people to let go and truly be themselves. We act silly, so you can too! Our men are wearing glitter and sequins so you can feel confident to dress as you please as well! We love it when we see a crowd truly let go and enjoy themselves without fear of judgement.
  • How customisable are the performances?
    Do you have a colour scheme, theme or other idea? Please let us know and we can try to customise our performances to fit your event! Would you like clowns or cats that fit a 1001 nights themed party? No problem! We can combine elements from different acts or add something completely new. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask about the options! :)
  • I love seeing your performances! Where can I find you?
    Thank you for your love and support! We also love seeing familiar faces. We are regulars at Thuishaven in Amsterdam. You can find us there almost every single Sunday. You can also often find us at the following events: Gardens of Babylon Bontgenoten Emporium Happy feelings Crazyland Wonderland Extreme outdoor Pleinvrees In retreat festival Reurpop
  • Aren’t you Thuishaven’s Jellyfish?
    We are! You can find us at Thuishaven in Amsterdam every single Sunday. We have many other performances and events and festivals we perform at. Please have a look at our performance list on the site!
  • Do you have an artist rider?
    We only have a Dutch version which you can download here
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